Monday, February 26, 2007

Wally's R and B

I love good music. R&B, Jazz, Classic Rock... when it comes down to it, I have more of a taste for oldies on the radio than I do for most newer music. And when I do find newer music that I like, it tends to be a throwback to the style of the oldies.

I've had a lot of fun the last couple of years introducing oldies to my newphews and to my godchildren. I've got one nephew who will pretty much stop whatever he is doing to come and dance to me if I start to sing "Down By the Riverside," and another who seems to answer to "Hey Good Looking" as if it were his name. My godchildren can list every song on my Beatles CD in order, and love listening to it when they ride in the truck with me. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" was an early favorite with them, and "All My Loving," which the 4-year-old early on mistook for "All My Nothing," has become a standard joke between us. The older one has recently developed a taste for "A Hard Day's Night," but complained to me over the weekend that she has trouble fitting the words all in when she tries to sing it.

Wally's R & B is precisely to my taste in music. Their blend of oldies, with Rhythm and Blues, jazz, and doo-wop forming the anchors, is very pleasant listening for me over the weekend. If you're an oldies' fan like me, tune in and listen to internet radio over your broadband connection. The show airs on Saturday between 3PM and 6PM EST, and it is worth listening to.

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