Monday, February 26, 2007

Cell Phones

Wirefly has some great cell phones on offer, and always has good packages bundled up with Cingular.

I am a fan of Sony Ericsson phones, so I found two models quite appealing to me: W810i or the W300i. I was pretty resistant to ever getting a phone with a camera on it, when the technology was still new, as I've mentioned in another post on another of my blogs, but I have to say Sony Ericsson turned me around on that one. I've used the K750 some, and have found the photos come out very nicely, unlike the earlier VGA cameras found on most phones.

Sony has long been known as a leader in sound technology, and in video technology. To me, Sony Ericsson phones reflect that. Wirefly has a great selection of Sony Ericsson phones, including even the older models I was very fond of in the past. The selection available of Sony Ericsson phones with a Cingular plan actually surprised me, when I was browsing through the site, but I think that the combination of Sony Ericsson and Cingular is a tough one to beat.

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