Friday, February 02, 2007

My Favorite Beer Story

Heineken had a really good commercial that was on TV all the time. It had this guy sitting in a bar, blowing into his beer bottle making it whistle. Before you know it, the whole bar was singing and dancing together, having a great time of it all.

That commercial really caught on, and people all over the island were always walking about whistling the song from the Heineken commercial.

On night, I was at dinner at a coffee shop in the neighbourhood with some friends and their kids. The waitress was carrying a tray of Heinekens to the table next to us. One of the kids saw it and started whistling the tune from the Heineken commercial. We all started whistling with her. And before you know it, the people at the table next to us turned back and started whistling with us.

It was funny how Heineken's art was imitated in life.

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