Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Belisi Story

If you'd like to read up on a story that has imparted
Wisdom and encouragement, see Belisi - How it Started
It's the tale of a man who was once tending bar
Who looked around to see what all the options were

When at home he had a child to feed
He felt the time had come: there was a need
To find a job with hours better suited
To the life of a family man, a life more rooted

Trying to look like thse who play success's part
He invested in ties that seemed a work of art
And soon he received noticed for his eye
His ability to choose a beautiful tie

It gave him an idea that he did pursue
He knew right then what he should do
He began to make ties with a lot of style
And was famous for them after a while

His name is now with fashion connected
A whole new image he's now erected
A line of luxury fashion with a Palm Beach look
Is the road that this entrepeneur took

Belisi Radio has made it's debut too
And if you're smart you know what to do
Tune in today and lend it your ear
And check out all the things you might hear

Today’s hottest artists are played there
Alongside music legends from everywhere
There's also progressive lounge tracks
Or perhaps jazz is what helps you kick back

And relax as you listen to the strains
Float across your room; maybe the refrains
Of country and rock favorites are more for you
Which is fine - Belisi's got that too

And not only is all of that true
Belisi fashion has even more for you
If you're the sort who for others gives a thought
You'll be glad when his fashion you've bought

To charity a portion of each sale
Is given, and he allows customers to tell
To which charity the gift should be sent
Giving to those in need is his only intent

Belisi's story is one to warm the heart
The tale of a man who has made a real art
Of selling luxury fashion in the style of Palm Beach
Amazing how far his success has reached

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