Monday, February 05, 2007

Coin Dealer

He knew what he needed, and all he had to find was a reliable coin dealer to help him get his hands on it.

He'd been reading about how the silver hoards in the US were nearly depleted, and how that meant that silver prices were set to escalate in the very near future. He knew, then, that this was his window of opportunity. He could get his silver coins while they were still cheap and sell them high in a few years.

When he logged in to MDC's website, he read about his options. Hm. Not just silver coins, but bullion and ingots too. And, he'd have to decide how to store his investment for the next few years. Did he want it delivered to him, or did he want MDC to help arrange safe storage in a depository.

Having decided already on where to put his money, it looked like he still had a few decisions left to make.

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