Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why Read Star Wars Books?

I just came across a nicely written article about why one might want to read Star Wars books.

In short, the answer is that it is the 20th Century myth. While I don't read the books based on the Star Wars world, I do consider myself something of a Star Wars afficiando (especially as regards the original movies). I loved how this article showed how the films are so firmly rooted in myth.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boundaries Between Reality and Fiction

My nephew and I have been engaged in long discussions lately about the boundaries between reality and fiction.
This video clip seems appropriate, at the moment.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Jaded Hearts

Jaded Hearts is one of those great science fiction novels you can read online. It is being posted chapter by chapter, starting here.

The novel's stated agenda is to change the world, like so many great books have done over the years. Sound like an nearly impossible task? Not necessarily — the book seeks to do so through raising awareness of the situation in Uganda, and of the World Vision Organization. Perhaps it is idealistic, but I tend to be one of those who agrees that raising awareness is half the battle. When we are aware of what needs to be done, we humans can be pretty motivated toward bettering our world.

There is one problem... the links to download the chapters aren't working. I've tried it with 3 different browsers, but it keeps redirecting me to the site that hosts the files, and not to the actual spot to download. No matter what I do, it keeps redirecting me. If you can figure out a solution, feel free to post it in a comment here for other would-be readers.

In addition, I am currently notifying the webmaster about this issue. I will really looking forward to reviewing the text. I will update you here as soon as I can get that done. It is just the sort of read I am sure to love!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Powerful Robots, in more than one sense of the word

I've been reading a couple of articles at the Tower of Babel blogsite, and came across some interesting events in the world of robots. It seems, according to Karl Jones, that robots are becoming more and more powerful... not just in terms of technology, but in their place in society too.

Recent events include a robot conducting a symphony and a robot conducting a wedding.

Interesting stuff!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reluctant Heroics

I finally got to see Hancock last night, and enjoyed it. It was a bit cheesy at times, but still fun overall. I thought the "twist" was a bit predictable, but the friend who watched it with me said she didn't see it coming. (I thought it was given away in an earlier shot.)

I did enjoy the development on the idea of the lonely hero, the isolation of greatness... whatever you want to call it. It's one of those themes that is often explored in superhero stories, and it is a fun one. I really liked the connection, made overt in one comment, between the superhero and similar characters from older mythologies. But the real fun in the movie came via the reluctant nature of the heroics we witnessed. Will Smith pulled his role off beautifully (as always).

One thing I didn't quite like was how the end seemed a little slapped together. How did the "bad guy" suddenly know so much about Hancock's identity and all? That was a little off, but otherwise, I did enjoy the show.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008


I always love a superhero movie (especially a spoof!), and I always like Will Smith, so this one can't miss, right?

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Hey Comic Book Geeks

What could be better than sitting listen to the intellectual brilliance that is Warren Ellis (of Transmetropolitan fame) in an exchange with a live audience?

If that thought gets your blood pumping — or if you even know what it means at all — you probably would enjoy this article at Sloth Jockey.

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