Friday, July 18, 2008

Jaded Hearts

Jaded Hearts is one of those great science fiction novels you can read online. It is being posted chapter by chapter, starting here.

The novel's stated agenda is to change the world, like so many great books have done over the years. Sound like an nearly impossible task? Not necessarily — the book seeks to do so through raising awareness of the situation in Uganda, and of the World Vision Organization. Perhaps it is idealistic, but I tend to be one of those who agrees that raising awareness is half the battle. When we are aware of what needs to be done, we humans can be pretty motivated toward bettering our world.

There is one problem... the links to download the chapters aren't working. I've tried it with 3 different browsers, but it keeps redirecting me to the site that hosts the files, and not to the actual spot to download. No matter what I do, it keeps redirecting me. If you can figure out a solution, feel free to post it in a comment here for other would-be readers.

In addition, I am currently notifying the webmaster about this issue. I will really looking forward to reviewing the text. I will update you here as soon as I can get that done. It is just the sort of read I am sure to love!

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