Friday, February 02, 2007

Big Savings

She'd been an Apple user for as long as she'd used computers at all. It was unreasonable to even imagine she'd use anything else than her old trusty Mac.

But the lightning had struck, and left her computer fried. And she didn't have a lot of spare cash sitting around to repair or replace it. She was going to have to figure out how to do something with the few dollars she'd managed to scrape together. That was the dilemma she'd shared with her two best friends.

The first had actually mentioned the "D" word... that cheap brand of computers that are pretty reliable too... and that was now sell for some pretty low prices....

"You can take the ad away. It doesn't matter how cheap they are. I don't do Windows."

"You are so stubborn."

"Yes. I know. Molly, no ideas from you?"

"Well, actually, I was just thinking about Ebates. It's great coupon shopping online. You can save anywhere from 3-25%, and I know they sell Apple computers there. I bet you could bring it down to as cheap as one of those other offers, if you shopped at Ebates."

"Well, there ya go then! So, which of you is going to let me use your computer so I can go online and buy it?"

"Well, you can use mine, but it is a PC, you know."

"Alright. I'll suffer through it for the greater good."

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