Thursday, August 23, 2007

where the silken adventure began...

I've been talking a lot about my blogging pal, silken. But let me take you back to where it all began for silken and me... sort of.

Silken used to blog with me under another name, skouba, at a site called Writing Up. She learned the ins and outs of blogging there, like I did. And she really maintained a fantastic blog there.

Sadly, the site is more or less defunct now (though you can find it popping up every now and then). I miss the place there and the fun conversations we used to have. I am glad, though, skouba/silken (or is it silken/skouba? this always confuses me...) is now blogging elsewhere. It would be sad to lose her insights in an online setting. Interacting with her at the site is what I most miss about losing it.

I am, though, one of the lucky ones. I know skouba/silken in real life, and have known her all my life. So, for me, at least I won't lose touch with her, even if the whole internet falls apart!

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