Monday, August 06, 2007


As I mentioned in my daily reading journal, I've recently read Diana Wynne Jones's 2005 installment of the Chrestomanci series, Conrad's Fate. I promised there that I would post some thoughts about it on my other blogs, and so I have done so.

I talked about the idea of the story being told through the eyes of the household help on my poetically challenged reading list blog. And, on my Recommended Reading blog, I did a very brief comparison of the notion of governments and their trustworthiness in the Chrestomanci series and the Harry Potter series. I think there is a whole lot of room for more exploration of those two series in comparison with one another.

The Chrestomanci series was where I first encountered Diana Wynne Jones. She's since become one of my favorites, and I have read a good number of works that she's written (and she's written a lot). If you've not encountered her before, you really ought to have a look. In my mind, she is one of the best.

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