Thursday, August 23, 2007


As I continue highlighting the work of one of my favorite bloggers, silken, I've come to one of the most fun blogs you'll find. Silken's daughter keeps this one, and it is called kidbits. If you've read the mother's blogs, I think you will see lots of the mother in the daughter's work too.

A lot (but not all) of the entries are in 10-point format (like one of her mom's blogs), and all have interesting ideas and info (again, like at mom's blogs). I enjoyed reading what the girl had learned about 9/11 and the World Trade Center, and equally enjoyed her list of ideas for Mother's Day.

This blog, like her big brother's, is apparently on holiday at the moment. With the school year picking up and the kids being back to work (does that mean they remember how to read and write again???), I suspect it will pick up. At any rate, I do hope it will pick back up. I miss her posts!

Stop by to visit, and tell her I sent you!

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