Thursday, August 23, 2007

Family Night

I am still highlighting one of my favorite bloggers, silken. She keeps lots of useful and interesting blogs. One of the really nice resources she has is Family Night, where she shares lots of great ideas for things that the whole family can do together.

Just look at this entry on treasure hunts. She includes some great photos there, and gives a good explanation of the activity she writes about. This is not something just thrown together. Rather, you can tell it comes from a parent who has lots of ideas and is eager to share them. Her quality of writing is of the highest, and I think you will enjoy the activities you see listed there.

The family fun runs sound like lots of fun to me. And take a look at what she says about letterboxing. Doesn't that sound like a great time? Check out silken's family night blog, and you'll find loads of ideas like that.

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