Thursday, August 23, 2007

Did You Know About Silken?

There's a blogger I'd like to turn a spotlight on for a little while. Her name is silken, and she keeps a number of blogs.

One of the fun ones she keeps is called Did You Know? In this blog, you can find all sorts of little tidbits of information. She comes up with all sorts of clever little things.

Take this one: Did You Know What it Takes to be a Perfumer? Or did you know that avacado oil is a good moisturizer? That might not be something I would've ever asked, nor particularly wondered about. But when she raises these things in her blog, I do find them interesting, and it gets my curiosity going.

Or, maybe, street luging is something you'd like to know about? If it isn't something you've thought of before... has it got you curious now?

See, she covers it all! Stop in and visit, and you can tell her I sent you.

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