Thursday, August 23, 2007

Silken, part of the Communati

I am continuing on my journey through a series of blogs, writing a short entry introducing each of the blogs of one of my blogging friends, silken. Her newest one (to my knowledge) is at a new site called communati, which is a community-style blogging site. I like how silken's personality really comes out in this casual setting, where commenting is as important as posting. I haven't gotten into that site yet as much as I would like, due to a busy schedule since the site opened. That means I haven't gotten to read all of silken's entriesat the new site -- not yet -- but I have enjoyed the ones I've read.

Take a look at this post on reading keys, where she shares some ideas about a tool she plans to use as she starts homeschooling her 2 young nephews. I like how she shares there about her own philosophy of focusing on phonics rather than sight words. It's the sort of discussion she often posts there, and is great for anyone who teaches kids (whether parents or teachers).

Stop by and visit silken there. And while you are there, go ahead and sign up and join the conversation. But let me warn you, you might get addicted. ;-)

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