Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sowing Seeds

I am continuing to show off the good work of my blogging friend, silken, and I have reached one of my favorites of her blogs. It's not at blogspot, but at a different blog site (, and I like how she's kept this one very thematic. She calls this blog Sowing Seeds, and she focuses on raising kids, using the growth of a plant or seed as the metaphor that shapes the paradigm she is focusing.

One of her recent entries, Mutation is a great example of what I like about this blog. Look at the insights she draws from the simple definition offered when she applies it to teenage kids. It's simple, and that's where the beauty of this blog lies.

A lot of times at this blog I will learn of phrases I hadn't heard of before, not being much of a gardener myself, like dethatching. It's great how silken is able to define terms like this and make them understandable, and then apply them to her role as a parent.

I really love the approach she has taken here. This is, in my estimation, just the right way to cultivate a blog.

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