Thursday, August 23, 2007

Places to Go

Continuing the spotlight on my blogging friend, silken, I'd like to turn to her blog called Places to Go. This is a unique sort of travel blog because silken doesn't just talk about places she's been, but also about places she hasn't been, but would like to go. I think that's pretty clever, really!

Just look here what she says about Vienna, or here about Avebury. You'll find out about all sorts of places when you read through this blog. I mean, I never even heard of the Museum of Hoaxes till I read about it on her blog.

Here, you can also find out about movies that talk about specific places, like what you see in her entry on an arctic tale. (Do I see a theme here? What's all this about icebergs????)

Silken has a curious mind, one that would like to see and know more about this big world. In this blog, that really shines through.

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