Thursday, January 25, 2007

Twenty Hours' Downpour

Like the sound of a load of pebbles falling on a tin roof, the rain's constant beating on the ground filled the air. Not just any rain. A monsoon rain. The worst the country had seen in years, maybe ever.

He almost couldn't remember how long ago it had started. It must have actually been only yesterday afternoon, but on days like this it seemed rain had always fallen, and always would.

Squatting on the sofa's arm, he was what should be a safe distance from the window. At least a meter away. But still, a steady mist wafted his way, making the front of his shirt cling to his shivering body.

He stared blankly out of the window. The evacuation had gone smoothly enough, but he still couldn't shake the sense of dread. What would be left of his home when he returned? And how much of the wreckage would the insurance cover?

Johor Relief Efforts: an ongoing project, though the rains have stopped

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