Friday, January 26, 2007

A Bounce in His Step

He locked the door and turned to swagger down the path to his car. No dragging his feet this holiday. Nope. This year would be different. As terrible as he'd always been at finding Valentines Day Gifts, or gifts for any other event either, he knew he'd scored big this time.

It was just luck, really, the way he'd stumbled upon that website. But lucky enough for him. They had everything he needed, and then some. Now, not only would she be thrilled with the roses he'd gotten her (and for less than 30 bucks!), but her parents would receive a unique country bouquet too. That ought to stand raise him in their estimation a couple of notches.

Perhaps it would even make up for the years of birthdays, Valentines Days, and anniversaries in which he'd really bombed out. How was he to know, as a young guy, that she wouldn't like a new iron for their first anniversary?

But those days were past now. He'd bookmarked this site, and he knew he'd be back.

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