Monday, January 29, 2007


She'd blown it. When she was young and foolish, she'd let him talk her into using her name to buy a lot of extravagant things they just had to have, and in the process she'd completely ruined her credit. Now that she'd grown less foolish (though she was still young enough) and was trying to get back on her feet, she wondered how she'd ever manage to get the small business loan she needed. Despite have worked so hard and finally paying back all of the money she owed, she still had a bad name.

That was when she discovered Premier General Finance. They had helped her find ways to raise her FICO score by nearly 100 points within 30 days, and to do so legally and ethically. They helped her explore ways in which she could get cash advances based on future credit card business that her company would surely do.

It was still in its infancy, but already the business she'd dreamed of owning was beginning to take off. She'd never quite believed it would be possible, but here it was. It made those hard years of clearing up his debts well worth the effort she'd put in.

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