Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Good Life

She stretched out her hand lazily, soaking up the sunny warmth that surrounded her. She couldn't believe her luck.

When she'd seen the ad for a Maui Condo, she nearly passed right over it, aware as she was of her own limited resources. A Hawaiian holiday seemed so far out of reach for her that she never considered it. But the prices listed in the ad had jumped out at her, and she continued reading.

A decision she never once regretted. After 15 years in that stuffy little office, slaving for the pig she called "boss," surely she of all people deserved to relax like this. And apparently the Fates had smiled upon her at last. Here she was, stretched out like a goddess, slowly soaking up a bronze complexion to match her new-found status. All thanks for that extra few minutes she took to investigate the ad. Her entry into paradise.

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