Monday, January 08, 2007

Job Search

It was frustrating. It seemed the old adage was true. Civil Engineering Jobs weren't available on every street corner. OK. Maybe that wasn't actually an old adage. But he'd repeated it enough that it felt like one.

He'd been looking for months. It was enfuriating. Fifteen years of work didn't seem to do much for him, though he believed his reputation was solid enough. Or at least, he had believed so until now. And now here he was, stuck without a job and feeling antsy to get to work.

He looked at the namecard in his hand. CSI Jobs. They lived and breathed civil engineering, or so Billy had told him. If anyone could find him a job, they could. And a good job. One that was perfectly matched to his skill set and experience. In fact, Billy said that exceeding his expectations was CSI's goals. Well, he had some expectations. So he'd put them to the test.

He picked up the phone. "Hello? Is that CSI?"

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