Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Job Hunt

"A. E. Feldman Associates, Inc. Where have I heard that name before?"

"I don't know. What does it say underneath?"

"It says here executive search firm."

"Executive search? Oh yeah! I know the place. Isn't that where Ted went when he was out of work?"

"Hey! Yes, I think you're right. I think that is where Ted went to find the job he's landed now."

"Not a bad job either. I couldn't believe he landed that post at his age."

"Yeah, but Ted's got lots of experience."

"I know, but the younger fellows often get the good jobs these days."

"Well, the ad here says they match industry leading clients with top quality candidates. I suppose Ted was pretty much top quality, don't you think?"

"Yeah, sure. But hey, we aren't too shabby either. We started out pretty much together with Ted, even if he made it one rung higher on the ladder."

"Sure. And yeah, it says here they help from middle to executive to top 'C Level' management."

"Then we definitely qualify. What do you say we go there in the morning?"

"Sure. We better make the most of this day off then. It may be our last."

"We better catch something more than those two measly things then."

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