Saturday, December 02, 2006

Log entry. 3 January. Group A (Patients 389645, 390086, 465791, 025486)

The session this morning was rather chaotic. Almost amusing in its chaos.

Patient 389645 was going on about "them," as always. The only one who seems to understand what he's going on about is Patient 465791, and that is just so she can sell him something, it seems.

Patient 390086 was rather a surprise. While she did mention Jackie, she had no whopping tales to tell. Perhaps she just didn't get a chance to get a word in, particularly with Patient 389645 carrying on as he did. The two of them were obviously at loggerheads.

Patient 465791 went right on with her programme, trying to sell something- anything!- to anyone who would listen.

Patient 025486 was cut off by Patient 390086, and clammed up. Oddly, Patient 389645 jumped to his defense.

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