Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Authorial Intrusion

Dear Reader,

I've been working on this blog as a form of exercise. I thought it would be fun to work on a particular aspect of fiction through blogging. Perhaps it is obvious enough to say I've been working on dialogue so far. This interest is generated by my love of texts written for the stage. So often on the stage, the action is mostly understood through a combination of the dialogue and all the "big" actions that can be shown, rather than through the subtleties that the screen loves so much.

In addition, I wanted to experiment with language and how each character's use of language affected that of the other characters. It hasn't quite worked out the way I wanted, and I am ready to try something new for a while. Perhaps I'll come back to these characters one day, and perhaps not. For now, though, I will just move toward a more general sort of story-telling, and begin working on other writing exercises and other aspects of fiction writing.

My apologies for this intrusion,
The Author

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