Thursday, December 14, 2006

Money Loophole

Recently, out of the blue, this guy came across a very strange loophole.

It quickly became for him a way of making FREE MONEY!

Hold on, I know that's a very hard thing to believe. But I stake my good reputation on this fact:

There is a guaranteed loophole you can exploit right now to easily generate a weekly sum of money from nothing. Joe Brice-Cohen, Managing Director of has figured it out, and he shares the secret with his readers in this book.

It's all about a logical loophole that occurs because of a special kind of business mistake made dozens of times each week. These mistakes allow you to make hundreds of dollars, legally, from nothing. Quite literally, this is a form of investment where you can never, ever lose.

It's a legal and legitimate way to be making money right now. And all because Joe Brice-Cohen stumbled across this brilliant idea.

Discover this amazing loophole here.

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