Wednesday, December 06, 2006


It all started with the cash advance Jackie secured. I was in debt. Bad. I had gotten myself in all sorts of trouble with this bum from upstate. That's the guy who used to beat me up. It was him who'd run up all the debts in my name, to be honest. He didn't have any credit at all, so used my name all the time to apply for loans, credit cards, whatever. Before you know it, my own good name was spoiled too.

Then Jackie came along. He wasnt' rich back then, but he applied for a payday loan and helped pay off some of my debts. He invested a bit of it, and made some money. I don't know where he was investing it at first. I was too messed up to pay any attention. But as things started looking brighter, I started watching and learning. Sometimes it was property, sometimes gold, sometimes other commodities. But Jackie seemed to have a golden touch. And to think, it all started with that cash advance that he took out for my sake.

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