Thursday, December 14, 2006

Running on Empty

Oh, just another half mile or so... come one.

She could see the lights of the gas station's sign, but couldn't quite make out whether it was Mobil or Exxon... something with red, white, and blue anyway.

The needle had been on "E" for the past ten minutes or so, having been slowly creeping nearer and nearer to it for miles. It was just so small between gas stations out here in this wildernes.

What was she doing here anyway? Running out of gas on some deserted road, and for what? Research? As if anyone else was going to bother about her work.

I hope it doesn't turn into another thing to regret. After they all laughed at the whole idea, it had better work out.

Exxon it was, and it looked like she was going to make it with little more than fumes to spare. She pulled in and groaned.

"Closed. Opening hours: 9 am to 11 pm." Who ever heard of gas stations closing for the night these days?

She looked at her watch. Four minutes after midnight.

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