Saturday, June 23, 2007

From All Angles

Part of what makes a good artist is an ability to see things from perspectives that are different than those normally assumed. The artist's eye is one that looks at a thing from all angles.

And who's to say that a business person can't be an artist? I think this ability of the artist to look from different perspectives is something that all business people would be wise to adopt, especially those in management positions.

Appraisal360's 360 degree feedback system aims to help human resource managers to provide information to employees in their employee evaluations that comes from all angles. A questionaire is answered by the employee, and then by 6 others who work closely with him/her, providing answers to the same questions, but from different perspectives. This offers a more balanced, less biased feedback for the employee.

Let Appraisal360 help bring an artists eye to your staff management.

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