Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Adult Education

I am involved in adult education as a teacher of English literature in a degree program at a private university. I often think about the interview process I went through. I was required to give a 5-minute lecture/presentation about the special needs of working adults when it comes to continuing their education. A lot of things went wrong in that interview, but one went right. I think I focused on the right thing (which is probably what won me the job). I focused on the lack of time most working adults have to commit to their studies, considering the other demands on their time and attention.

Online education is one good option for working adults in need of continued education, especially for those who might live in places where their desired course of study isn't readily available to them at nearby schools. Capella University is an accredited school that offers degree programs (undergrad or postgrad) in over 80 specializations. That's the ideal arrangement for busy workers, much like my students.

Visit the website or call 612-977-4132 today.

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