Monday, March 12, 2007

Peace Corps Worker Shoes

Some years ago, I had a friend in the Peace Corps in the Fiji Islands. He had some co-workers who were making their way back to the US, and were stopping in Singapore on the way. I agreed to let them stay at my place, and we had a lot of fun while they were there. One thing that still stands out to me is that they were wearing reef flip flops before that style was really the in thing. My friends and I who took them around the island all loved their shoes, and when the Peace Corps workers continued their journey onto the US, we all went and bought sandals just like theirs. Cool and comfy -- and very sturdy. We could all see why they wore these sandals, as they travel well.

And, to this day, we all still refer to this sort of sandals as "Peace Corps worker shoes." I sometimes forget that this is not the correct term for them.

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