Monday, March 05, 2007

Fairfax Real Estate

An Ode to Fairfax County Real Estate

In the market for Fairfax county real estate
Then hurry now and don't be late
This is the chance you've been looking for
We've got houses and apartments and a whole lot more

There's shop spaces and offices for rent
You don't need to set up shop in a tent
In the Baltimore area we've got it all
If you'll just pick up the phone and give a call

We'll set you up with what you need today
And before you know it you'll be well on your way
To settling in to a cozy Fairfax county life
Perhaps you can settle down and take a wife

Live in a comfortable community with her
I hope this vision will begin to stir
In your heart a longing to settle down
In a nice place like Baltimore town

It's perfect for raising your kids one day
An environment where they can run and play
Enjoying the free life of a kid
Just like, when you were small, you did

Drop by our site and have a long look
See which property you'd like to book
And we'll get started arranging the deed
And you can go and plant your little seed
From which a flowering happiness will grow
In a place called Fairfax, as you know

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