Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Password Management

Being careful about password management is one of the best ways to protect your system from infiltration by those who would do harm to you in some way.

Symark's password protection software makes it all easy for you to set up good password management. It will guard your root account, and also individual user accounts. This provides the highest security across the whole range of your system. And that's good for everyone.

Bob Farber, COO of Symark Software, says this about the whole issue:
“Because enterprises around the world run mission-critical financial, human resources and other applications on UNIX and Linux systems, it is vital that they have a comprehensive access control mechanism in place. Symark’s PowerBroker and PowerPassword-UME solutions will facilitate the secure deployment of HP Integrity servers and the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system by restricting and monitoring access to proprietary information and systems. We look forward to working with our customers as they upgrade their IT environments with HP’s new offerings.”

Sounds to me like words you can rely on.

For More Information, Contact:
Ellen Libenson Dan Borgasano/Kara Yi
Symark Software Schwartz Communications, Inc.
(800) 234-9072 (415) 512-0770

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