Monday, October 02, 2006

Do you even know where Gandolfo is?

"Do you even know where Gandolfo is?"

"Why, yes. Of course. I just told you I was on the road to Gandolfo when this happened."

"Yes, but you said the desert. It isn't in the desert."

"I didn't mean desert per se. I meant the icy polar wastelands."

"Mm-hm. Try again."

"Uh. The tropical rainforests?"

"No. You don't even know where it is! You've never been there."

"Well, no. You see, I didn't finish my story. The bandits, you see, abducted me. I had to go with them and spend weeks as their prisoner."

"Yes. In the rainforest. Or was it icy polar wastelands?"

"No, in a small shack in the desert. But they flew me there, with a black hood over my head. So I really don't remember where it all started. Just that we were trying to get to Gandolfo when Jackie got shot."

"I see."

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