Monday, November 12, 2007

The Golden Queen

I posted this on another of my blog sites, but I thought it would be appropriate for it to appear here as well:

David Wolverton's The Golden Queen is the book that I most recently finished.  I ended up finding it a pleasant enough read, though it isn't something I am particularly interested in revisting.

In my reading of the novel, I found myself growing in sympathy for Gallen, Orick, and Maggie, and feeling a mix of sympathy and disguist for Veriasse and Everynne.  It seems to me that this is by design.  In addition, I found the dronons to be a pretty disgusting evil race for our friends to face, which made the overall story pretty effective.

I came across a copy of  a later book that continues this story when I recently visited a library book sale.  I had another 150 or so pages to read, meaning I'd read over 2/3 of it.  That seems like about the spot in my reading where I'll have a pretty good idea if it is a story I want to continue to pursue when I finish my reading.  Well, I didn't buy the book, even though it would cost me less than $1.  I am not really interested in investing the time in continuing along with the story.  

That said, the last little bit did make me smile, and I would count The Golden Queen as an enjoyable enough read in itself.

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