Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

When I saw that another new version of Spiderman was coming out, my first thought was "too soon."  And I probably would have left this one aside and not bothered to watch it had my nephews not been visiting for the summer — and pestering me from Day One to take them to see it.

As it turned out, I liked this better than the previous Spiderman series.  At least, I liked the cast better.  I thought the storyline a little weaker, but the cast made up for that.  Martin Sheen and Sally Field as the aunt and uncle were wonderful.

We enjoyed the show overall, with my nephews giving it two thumbs up (no surprise there).  It was a fun outing for the three of us and the friends who went with us, and we all agreed that we liked this version of Spiderman pretty well.

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