Sunday, June 26, 2011

X-Men: First Class

I just got back from a rather late showing of X-Men:  First Class.  It was not my favorite of the X-Men movies, but that's OK, because I like the X-Men movies a whole lot better than a lot of the other stuff that is out there for viewing.

It was fun to see the beginnings of the Xavier and Magneto characters.  Seeing the development of the various characters and their powers has always been one of the most fun aspects of the X-Men movies.  I liked the character of Charles, and thought Erik interesting.   I didn't quite like seeing the young Mystique because, well, she lost her mystique.  Instead, she was all just teenage angst and insecurities.  Ugh.  I like the full-grown Mystique of the earlier movies.

The very brief appearance by Wolverine was fun, but of course, I missed him greatly in the rest of the movie.  Even so, it was a fun show to catch.

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