Saturday, May 26, 2007

An Invisible Sun

The Police are starting a world tour... after all these years. I am hoping to get to view their concert either here or in Shanghai, or even both. I love that band.

One of the songs on their CD that is being released in conjunction with the tour is one of my favorites, "Invisible Sun." The line "There has to be an invisible sun that spreads its heat to everyone" is one that often gets stuck in my head. It came to mind today in a discussion with some friends. They said that no matter what they always just believe there is something good "out there" looking out for us.

And it made me wonder... why? Why does there have to be some benevolent giver of good things "out there"? Why can't we just believe in cold, empty space?

What makes us think there has to be invisible sun spreading its light and warmth out there?

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ahmed said...

it's good idea that you repost your good writing,
go ahead

hifidel said...

Thanks ahmed! I really appreciate your support of my writing.

Some good news! I just got 2 new poems accepted for publication! They will be out in September.

ahmed said...

wow, i am happy to know that.
i expect you good future.
congratuations and my best wishes.