Monday, January 28, 2013

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

It should not have taken me so long to get around to reading Cloud Atlas, but it did.  The book was recommended to me by a trusted source, and I normally wouldn't put it off as long as I did, but somehow it just turned out this way.

I can't say I regret it taking so long, though.  The book is excellent, and I think it best that I read it over the past week or so, when I was in a place that I could focus on it and get into it the way I wanted to.  It's a book that wants that kind of attention, and deserves it.

The structure of the novel is beautifully envisioned and executed.  The unfolding of the stories could not have been more perfectly put together.  And the way the book resonates... it's just a lovely reading experience.

If you haven't read it yet, do.  It's really worth lending your best readerly attention to this book.

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