Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sci Fi Channel Series: Tinman

I recently finished watching the Sci Fi Channel's series Tinman on DVD. I was impressed with the series overall, and found several of the actors especially pleasant. By the time the series ended, I found myself quite attached to DG and all those around her.

The series is set in the O.Z. (the Outer Zone), a land that DG finds she has to help save. It is inspired by The Wizard of Oz, and I found the connections throughout the series to be quite fun. It was amusing to see how the characters were brought to a new sort of life in this sci-fi world.

I first thought that this was planned as an ongoing series, but it seems now that it is more intended as a miniseries, a one-off sort of thing. I think that is good, because the way the whole is packaged now is just right. It begins well, progresses quite nicely, and then wraps it all up effectively. I think it is great that it looks like it is not going to be something that is dragged out beyond where it can effectively sustain the story. As it is, it is good, and is worth watching.

I hope the Sci Fi Channel comes up with more series like this. It's a good one, and I'd happily watch more things in this vein.

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