Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mulholland Drive

I couple of weeks ago I saw the film Mulholland Drive, the first David Lynch film I've seen. I know... I am so behind the times.

The film was, to me, rather staggering. It captured my mind, and has pretty much taken up permanent residence there. I found the ideas captivating. I have probably never seen a segment of film more moving to me than the portion set inside the Silencio. The show there, the ideas it portrayed so beautifully, was just so powerfully done. The perfect tying together of the notions of illusion and performance was absolutely astounding. And, as if the the singing of "Crying" was not moving enough, the collapse of the singer brings home the point about the disconnect between reality and illusion in brilliant fashion.

From there, the movie begins to break down... I don't mean that it falls apart, exactly. Instead, it breaks down the illusions its been building up for us. We see how Betty has bought into the illusion, and sucked us into it with her. (But honestly, didn't we feel there was something fishy about her all along? A little too perky? Too good to be true? It had to be an illusion, a construct, didn't it?)

I won't pretend I get Mulholland Drive in all its nuances yet. That's probably why it has settled into its new home so nicely -- my mind that has been so utterly captivated by it. It's weird. It's not for everyone, I suspect. But it sure will make you think.

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