Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vulcan's Workshop

I recently read Harl Vincent's "Vulcan's Workshop,"  which was first published in Amazing Stories in 1932 and is now available as a free download at Project Gutenberg.  And I'm happy to give a little plug to Project Gutenberg, since I probably wouldn't have come across the story elsewhere.

Though the story takes a turn toward the end that wraps things up too neatly, making too big a leap in terms of the changes we see in the main character for my tastes, I still thoroughly enjoyed the story.  It is well-written, and the ideas underlying it are good old fashioned sic-fi-style fun.

You can download the story for free, put it on your e-reader, and read it all in an hour or so.  It's an enjoyable story, certainly well worth the effort of popping by the website and doing the download.

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